Hello amazing Leica SL2!

Rock n Roll straps welcomes the new amazing Leica SL2!

Many new SL2 straps from Rock n Roll Straps and Bags

Read one of the first reviews for the Leica SL2 from Jono Slack!

Here we just repost his conclusion.

“So this isn’t really an ‘upgrade’ of the SL, it’s a complete rethink with reference to 4 years customer feedback and an infinity of discussions and meetings, both internally and with photographers and film makers, and with the wisdom that competitors releases confer. My satisfaction with the SL really isn’t the point in this context but its taken quite a big effort of will on my part to take a step back.

The competition seem to have decided that there should be 2 (or 3) full frame mirrorless cameras specialised for different situations:

Lower Resolution for PJ or Events (that’s me!)

Higher Resolution for Landscape and enthusiasts

Video directed camera for serious movie shooters.

This philosophy is reflected in the recent offerings from Sony, Panasonic and Nikon (and to a lesser extent Canon).

With the SL2 Leica have decided to roll these three cameras into one versatile camera which can cover all the needs of every serious photographer, and in my opinion they have very largely succeeded. Personally I’m even tempted to delve into the world of video!

Of course, Leica cameras have a reputation for being prohibitively expensive, but the SL2 is being launched at a price €1,000 less than that of the original SL. Certainly it’s more expensive than the direct competition, but when you consider it’s really 3 cameras rolled into one, and you look at the secondhand prices for the SL, it begins to look like a real bargain.

The SL2 is a ‘no nonsense’ camera which seems to me to deliver on every level, whether you are a videographer, a landscape shooter or an serious amateur. The new Status Screen is a real joy to use, the images are excellent and the menus are minimal whilst still containing everything you should need.

Testing the camera and writing this review has represented something of a journey for me, and I’ve tried to describe that journey in this article. The SL has been my constant working companion for 4 years and I have come to love its idiosyncrasies; sometimes it’s hard to acknowledge the new kid on the block!

But whereas the SL might have been charmingly idiosyncratic the SL2 is much more of a mainstream camera, but without actually losing any of the things which made the SL such a good workhorse.

There are many obvious improvements, especially with the inspired interface – it just works really well, and Leica have even made the subtleties of AF seem comprehensible! The video options are sophisticated and well thought out.

When I started this journey I didn’t think that the SL2 would replace the SL in my bag, but it’s become increasingly clear that the SL2 will be my primary camera for a long time to come.”


Here are some links to new straps made specifically for the Leica SL2 Mirrorless camera


Rock n Roll SL2,  leather camera straps, are inspired by guitar straps many Rock n Rollers used in the 60s and 70s.

This NEW series, the Rock n Roll SL2 straps, came came together with  the launch of the new Leica SL2. It is very similar in construction as the  previous Rock n Roll SL strapsthat so many Leica SL photographers use,  but has a new ending that is very elegant and easy to fit on your camera.

They are  very comfortable to use because the link structure of these straps, works as a weight absorber.

The Rock n Roll SL2 Limited Edition strap, comes in 2 sizes 100cm and 125cm or you can order a custom made length according to your needs.

Rock n Roll SL2 Limited edition is the perfect match for your Leica SL2 , Leica SL or your Leica S.



Black Lash SL2, leather camera strap.

For the very first time in camera straps, soft Napa leather embraces rope to create our new series of straps: The Leather Lash straps

The idea is  to combine a sturdy rope, which secures weight with premium soft quality Napa leather. The result is a lightweight, flexible and very elegant strap.

The Black Lash SL2  has our new SL2 ending that is very elegant and easy to fit on your camera.

Black Lash SL2, comes in 2 sizes 100cm and 125cm or you can order a custom made length according to your needs.

The perfect match for your Leica SL2 , Leica SL or your Leica S.