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Alcantara M – Maroon
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Alcantara M – Red strap
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Alcantara M – Black strap
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Braided Lash Strap – Brown
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Braided Lash Strap – Burgundy
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Alcantara SL Red strap
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"That's what our clients say..."

Eric Hoegger

Rock N Roll SLIM Black Strap
I don’t typically write reviews, but I will say the slim rock n roll strap I purchased is the best. I like how it has some stretch to comfortably support the camera’s weight. Also, I would have never discovered your brand were it not for your sponsorship of the LHSA (The International Leica Society) annual conference in Oct 2020. I googled your web page based on learning about your brand at the conference and glad I discovered your brand.


Black Lash strap
Best thing that could happen to my M… Very soft, very light and looking bad@$$

James P.

Firenze strap – for Leica M, Leica SL/SL2/S
Probably the Best by far strap I got, and I have bought many! Very elegant and sturdy. A bit expensive but really unique. That combination of the two different types of leather is fantastic. Will definitely buy again. Thank you.

David M

The Monochrom Rock n Roll Strap (Limited edition)
Like all things in photography equipment… you buy, try, buy different and search for the right gear. I must have tried 4 or 5 different brands of straps for my cameras. Finally feel I have found “The One” strap that meets all my needs. It distributes the weight of my Q quiet nicely making all day excursions possible. It feels airy on my neck during long days and doesn’t cut into my skin at all. Once used I could tell it was made by a user as it was well thought out, it just works perfectly. Premium material and craftsmanship. Loved it so much I immediately bought a second one for my M6 and will be ordering another for my much loved M4. Thanks Rock and Roll !

Jason Nicholson

Rock n Roll M Roulette strap
I have purchased a number of different RnR straps types for my Leicas and SonyA7s including M10s, RnRs, Slims and Classics. Outstanding quality leather and construction to match the build quality and aesthetics of a Leica. The Roulette is probably my favorite. I often receive compliments wearing that one with my M10. Highly recommended.

Thomas Yoxall

The Hendrix Cigar Brown Strap
I purchased the Hendrix strap six (6) weeks ago. Since that time, it has seen a total of 23 days of travel and approximately 350 miles, and countless hours of walking, around my neck. I do not have a negative thing to say about it. The craftsmanship and quality are unmatched, and what I would expect of something at is handcrafted. In my opinion, this is not a strap you purchase just for its looks; it’s something you are buying for lifelong use. I enjoyed this strap so much; I bought another one for myself and one for my wife. I have already recommended this strap to several other photographers and will continue to do so.

Robert Vledderman

Classic Cigar Brown Strap
I purchased a classic brown Cigar strap 125 for my fujifilm xt20. Excellent choice; beautiful leather quality, fast delivery. I switched to an Fujifilm xpro2 and asked for advice wether the strap would fit on the xpro2. Evris from rocknrollstraps advised me quick and with knowledge. So, after this pleasant buyer experience, I strongly recommend rocknroll straps if you are looking for a top-quality and beautiful designed strap for a fair price.

Kathy Reid-Papson

Rock n Roll SL2, Cigar Brown Leather strap
Absolutely LOVE my new Rock ‘n Roll cigar brown leather strap….works and looks great on my Nikon z6! Shipping was fast and arrived in good condition. I most certainly will be a return customer. Thank you for a great product.


Rock n Roll M Black is Black strap
This was my 3rd R&R strap; the first one was for my Leica SL and then two more for Leica M’s. Based on this alone, you can probably guess that I strongly favor R&R straps. There are certainly cheaper straps out there….but if you choose a cheap strap, prepare to own, however briefly, a cheap strap. The workmanship of the R&R straps is excellent, the straps are beautiful in appearance, and they function brilliantly, easing the weight of the camera (important since Leicas are metal rather than plastic) and making all-day photography a pleasure.

James B.

Rock n Roll M10 Limited Edition strap
Easily the most comfortable strap I’ve used! And beautiful too. A perfect accent to your Leica, Nikon, or other fine camera. Superb leather and craftsmanship. Get a longer, custom length if you prefer to sling your camera cross-shoulder. Planning to place a second order!

Uwe Mochel

The Monochrom Rock n Roll Strap (Limited edition)
The Monochrom Rock n Roll for my MM, the Rock n Roll Cigar Brown for my Safari Edition… critique…That straps are one of, no, the best camera straps I’ve ever owned. A hand and neck flatterer. Hardly felt in the neck or at the shoulder, cuddly, soft, elegant, highly flexible, yet stable and robust. A masterpiece of craftsmanship. It is also easy to store in the camera bag and takes up very little space. It’s a pleasure to take the camera with you…… clear recommendation.


The Hendrix SL2 Black , leather strap
I recently ordered and quickly received the Hendrix SL2 strap for my camera. I have owned many camera straps over the decades of doing photography. I decided to to try this strap and found the strap to be very well made and IMO the most comfortable strap that I found and use to date. I like how the strap cushions and helps relieve the camera weight on my shoulder and neck. This is a keeper strap for me and will order another for my S camera. Great product, great service. – Mark

Jim M

Rock n Roll M10 Limited Edition strap
I’ve seen and heard about Rock n’ Rolls straps for years but this is the first time I’ve bought one and I’m impressed! From opening the simple but classy packaging to getting the first whiff of the leather to un-rolling it and feeling the strength but softness of the leather, what’s not to love! I have to say though that once I got it fitted onto my chrome M10 it lifted it to another level…


Rock n Roll M Black is Black strap
Purchased for my Leica M10-P…. extremely comfortable – I use it cross body most of the time. Looks great and get many compliments!

Aaron Holquin

Black Mamba Limited Edition
I absolutely love this strap. It’s by far the best camera strap I’ve ever purchased. The leather on the black mamba is incredibly soft, making it a joy to use all day long. I own two of these, one for my M10 and another for my Q2. I just wish they made another version of this in a dark cigar brown leather. If they did I’d buy it in a heart beat.

Peter Baumbach

Riviera SL2 Black Mamba
Really beautiful, very well made, light and small but comfortable. Ordered a custom size, that fits perfectly. I highly recommend it !


Riviera All Black Leather Camera Strap.
I have the All Black Riviera strap for my Leica M10. As to be expected from Rock&Roll the workmanship is exquisite, the leather is soft and comfortable around the neck from day 1.I have quite a few straps from other manufacturers but none are more comfortable than this.

Paul Newvell

Snake Black, Rope Camera Strap
Great quality strap, looks fantastic on the camera .rapid delivery too,well packaged. Very happy indeed…Will buy another and recommend to all. PN

Robert Forlini

Riviera Perforated Cigar Brown strap
I just wanted to say that I am totally impressed that the strap arrived so quickly. I am usually hesitant to purchase items from overseas, but you have changed my mind. The Perforated Riviera Cigar Brown strap is beautiful! Exactly what I wanted for my Leica Q2. I’ll be back.

John Kraus

No matter how good a strap looks, you never know how it’s going to work until it’s in your hands and on your camera. The Napa arrived quickly to San Francisco, and feels great on my Leica Q. The leather is very soft…

Mark Waller

Bought this strap for my Leica M10 Monochrom and it is perfect in every way. I’ve had been considering a Rock n Roll strapping for ages and have owned several other brands in the past. This is by far the best of all the ones I’ve tried…

Michael Krämer

A absolutely perfect Match come together. The Black Mamba and the new Leica Q2 Monochrom! Outstanding quality ! So soft an nice on my neck. Very well done manufacturing work ! Now I have a problem , because I need a second one for my M10p 🙂

Thomas Yoxall

The Hendrix M straps
I purchased the Hendrix strap six (6) weeks ago. Since that time, it has seen a total of 23 days of travel and approximately 350 miles, and countless hours of walking, around my neck. I do not have a negative thing to say about it. The craftsmanship and quality are unmatched…

Richard Herzog

Napa Wrist Straps
I just received my new Napa wrist strap it and it’s beautiful. Feels so soft and smells outstanding. Congrats on a great new product.


Leather Lash SL straps
Beautiful strap and craftsmanship at a fair price! Super soft and comfortable to use with the SL. I ordered mine early yesterday morning, and it was delivered to me in Oslo, Norway today, so very happy with the shipping as well.


Rock n Roll M straps
I have used the Rock and Roll M10 limited strap with my M10 for a while. It’s a beautiful strap and very comfortable. Lately I have attached the strap to my …

Le Doyen

Napa M Straps
Thank you very much for this quality service and for your responsiveness to my information request emails.The strap (Napa M) is magnificent. I received it at home (Belgium) the day after my order.


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