Black Lash SL2, Leather camera strap

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Black Lash SL2, Leather camera strap

For the very first time in camera straps, soft Napa leather embraces rope to create our new series of straps: The Leather Lash straps

The idea is  to combine a sturdy rope, which secures weight with premium soft quality Napa leather. The result is a lightweight, flexible and very elegant strap.

The Black Lash SL2 has our new SL2 ending that is very elegant and easy to fit on your camera.

Black Lash SL2, leather camera strap, comes in 2 sizes 100cm and 125cm or you can order a custom made length according to your needs.

The perfect match for your Leica SL2 , Leica SL or your Leica S.


3 reviews for Black Lash SL2, Leather camera strap

  1. Henke

    Beautiful strap and craftsmanship at a fair price! Super soft and comfortable to use with the SL. I ordered mine early yesterday morning, and it was delivered to me in Oslo, Norway today, so very happy with the shipping as well.

  2. Lukas (verified owner)

    Amazing strap! Nothing less than perfection…

  3. Joseph Quartuccio

    I just received my Black Lash SL2 leather camera strap that I’ve attached to my Leica Q2. I absolutely love the 125cm size, in that the camera rests on my hip when I have it over the shoulder and under my arm rather than around my neck. I also love the smooth, round contour of the strap that allows me to bring the camera quickly from hip to eye level with no snags or deviations. One question, though; what are the enclosed leather washers for? At first I thought they were to be placed between the metal rings and the camera body, but it was just too tight a space to do that. Is there another purpose for those washers. Thanks. – Joe Q

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