Napa II SL Black Strap - For Leica SL/SL2 and Leica S

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Napa II  SL/S  Black Strap.  Camera straps have never been so soft before!

Napa II – SL2 , with a similar triple braid as the previous best seller version  but with internal seams. This makes the construction of the strap much more difficult  and time consuming but the result is an even softer  and even more  beautiful strap! The slightly cushiony braid will make your Leica SL2 combo feel much lighter!

Made from premium Italian Napa calfskin. Calfskin is a particularly valuable leather  because of its softness and fine grain, as well as durability. It is commonly used for high-quality clothing

The Napa SL/S strap is the perfect match for your Leica SL/SL2 or your Leica S.


Napa II  SL/S  Black Camera Strap For Leica SL and Leica S

Our clients are our best advertisement.

“This strap is visually pleasing and feels excellent to touch. Very silky. Also doubles nicely as a wrist strap. It feels so good on the neck , it is almost like A mix of silk and leather”  Hari Subramanyam

1 review for Napa II SL Black Strap – For Leica SL/SL2 and Leica S

  1. James (verified owner)

    The Napa SL strap is my third Rock & Roll camera strap. I have loved them all and keep coming back any time I need a strap for a new camera. All of my straps have been the 125cm length as I wear my cameras cross-body. Though it immediately felt nice and of high quality, the Napa SL strap was a little bit stiffer out of the box than the ‘original’ M or SL straps. I am happy that already with just a little bit of use so far it has quickly begun to soften up. I should also point out that mine is somewhat less glossy in appearance than in these images (my SL doesn’t look as glossy in person either) as that may matter to some. It still looks great. and it’s another really nice strap that feels secure and offers comfort and just a little bit of give/springiness that makes your gear feel a little bit lighter as you move. Even with years on them and lots of use the Rock & Roll straps have both worked and held up brilliantly for me.

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