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Rock N Roll SLIM Black Strap

Rock N Roll SLIM Black Strap

115.00 excl. VAT 19% for EU countries

115.00 excl. VAT 19% for EU countries

Compatibility: Fuji, Leica M, Nikon, Panasonic, Sony

115.00 excl. VAT 19% for EU countries

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Rock N Roll SLIM Black Strap

Many of our clients who use our Rock n Roll M straps asked us if we could make one similar strap a bit slimmer, lighter with less volume.

After making straps from different leathers, thinner but sturdy, and by making a change at the way the leather parts link to each other, after making straps again and again we finally managed to make the Rock N Roll SLIM Black Strap.

It’s 18mm/0,71in. wide, 3.5mm less than the Rock n Roll M strap only 2mm more than our Classic straps, about 20% lighter, with about 30% less volume and durable as our standard Rock n Roll strap!

Rock N Roll SLIM Black Strap is very comfortable to use because its link structure works as a weight absorber.

Now you have a choice between the two depending on the camera gear you are using and the style you like.

What our clients say about the standard Rock n Roll straps goes also to the New Rock N Roll SLIM Black Straps as they are quite similar.

They come in 2 sizes 100cm/39,37in. and 125cm/49,21in. or you can order a custom made length according to your needs. All our camera straps come with 2 leather protectors. Perfect for all cameras accepting split rings. Leica M,  Leica Q,  Sony, Nikon, Fuji, Olympus, Panasonic, and other mirrorless and DSLR cameras.

If you are using the strap on a Fuji pls mention on the note section of your order so we put the correct split rings.


  • Hand crafted camera strap made of high quality leather
  • The camera strap is made of waxed and oiled full grain leather of premium quality
  • Hand stitched with waxed saddle yarn
  • Strap attaches to camera with hardened 16mm steel rings
  • Strap length standard sizes are 100cm,/39,37in. and 125cm/49,21in. Width: 21mm/0.83in. If you need a custom length strap you can order it from the size menu. Usually, four to six days will be needed for our artisans to make the custom length strap.
  • Two leather protectors included

Our clients are our best advertisement:

The wide width supports the weight of heavy prime lenses extremely well, and its stylish weave adds elasticity. Made of premium soft leather, it is soft and cushioning around the neck. Super! Super product! Can’t recommend it enough!” Avi G.

My camera seems to have less weight.” Yannis M writes in his review: “The rock n roll is perfect for a DSLR as it works a bit like a suspension, not to mention the style which is unique and that intrigued me to get the strap.” – Helmut H.

Jonathan P. says for the Rock n Roll SL which is similar but with endings to fit the Leica SL Lugs: “Most comfortable strap ever! Distributes the weight of a heavy camera for maximum comfort. Soft leather loops conform to neck and shoulder, don’t slip and don’t abrade. Always get compliments on the RnR strap. . . Now have one for each of my cameras!”

“Gorgeous looking! Soft yet strong strap” Ying P.

“Well designed and comfortable to use. Supple enough to wrap it round your wrist if you want to steady or carry the camera that way. Beautiful to look at.”   Sheena J.

“I love these straps so much. GREAT! So comfortable to wear. I am going to replace all my camera straps to TIE HER UP.” – KANGCHENG L.

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3 reviews for Rock N Roll SLIM Black Strap

  1. Michael W. (verified owner)

    Absolutely great quality!!! When I first saw Leica M cameras with RocknRoll straps I thought to myself: Oh well, strange looking straps…but the more photos I saw, the more I got interested in these straps. So I visited this site )which is really well designed) and I ordered my first RocknRoll Slim Black Strap. A couple days before I had already ordered the Nevada Standard Strap here, and I was pleased to confirm that delivery from Greece is lightning fast! I got my Nevada strap within 3 days and my RocknRoll Slim Strap within 3 days (1 day delay during transit, no problem at all). And I am simply blown away! Beautiful design, wonderful material, perfect ergonomics. They are not the cheapest but nor are our Leicas. And these straps are worth every penny…I use the RocknRoll Slim Strap on my M10-R, very often combined with the Summilux-M 28mm, sometimes adding the handgrip. Perfect balance!!! Not too thick and not too thin! It really is a masterpiece and I can nothing but recommend it to every Leica M user!

  2. Todd B. (verified owner)

    I usually don’t give reviews, but I own several of the rock n roll camera straps. My most recent is the rock and roll slim. Just phenomenal quality products. Shipping and response is lightning fast.

  3. Eric Hoegger

    I don’t typically write reviews, but I will say the slim rock n roll strap I purchased is the best. I like how it has some stretch to comfortably support the camera’s weight. Also, I would have never discovered your brand were it not for your sponsorship of the LHSA (The International Leica Society) annual conference in Oct 2020. I googled your web page based on learning about your brand at the conference and glad I discovered your brand.

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120.00 excl. VAT 19% for EU countries

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120.00 excl. VAT 19% for EU countries

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120.00 excl. VAT 19% for EU countries

Availability: In stock

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