Rock n Roll SL2, Black leather strap

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ROCK N ROLL SL2  leather camera straps, are inspired by guitar straps many Rock n Rollers used in the 60s and 70s.

This NEW series, the Rock n Roll SL2 straps, came came together with  the launch of the new Leica SL2. It is very similar in construction as the  previous Rock n Roll SL strapsthat so many Leica SL photographers use,  but has a new ending that is very elegant and easy to fit on your camera.

They are  very comfortable to use because the link structure of these straps, works as a weight absorber.

The ROCK N ROLL SL2 , Black leather camera strap comes in 2 sizes 100cm and 125cm or you can order a custom made length according to your needs.

Rock n Roll SL2/S strap is the perfect match for your Leica SL2 , Leica SL or your Leica S.


Rock n Roll SL2- Black Strap

Our clients are our best advertisement.

“Fantastic quality and workmanship Love the smell of your leather. I must commend you on the design which gives the strap some “give” and elasticity. All of a sudden, my SL isn’t “heavy” :)” Angelito F

“Extremely wonderful. Excellent product! Very cool Very comfortable.” kohama m.

“Most comfortable strap ever! Distributes the weight of a heavy camera for maximum comfort. Soft leather loops conform to neck and shoulder, don’t slip and don’t abrade. Always get compliments on the RnR strap. . . Now have one for each of my cameras! “Jonathan P.

“Absolutlely the best! I tried the standard issued Leica strap, was not happy with it. Then tried another well made leather strap from a popular maker, it was OK. Then I purchased the Rock n Roll SL strap from and was just amazed at how well made, and comfortable it was around my neck. This is the strap that stays on my Leica SL.” Robert Gromen

Jonathan P. says: Most comfortable strap ever! Distributes the weight of a heavy camera for maximum comfort. Soft leather loops conform to neck and shoulder, don’t slip and don’t abrade. Always get compliments on the RnR strap. . . Now have one for each of my cameras!

“Unique Strap. Attractive, high quality, extremely well made strap. Has a natural spring like cushion action by the nature of its leather weave.” Frank V.

“The wide width supports the weight of heavy prime lenses extremely well, and its stylish weave adds elasticity. Made of premium soft leather, it is soft and cushioning around the neck. Super! Super product! Can’t recommend it enough!” says Avi G.

19 reviews for Rock n Roll SL2, Black leather strap

  1. Roland Wingenroth

    best Strap i ever had

  2. Rob (verified owner)

    Initially, I bought the 100cm version to use as a shoulder strap for my SL. However, I found that the strap slides off the shoulder too easily. I exchanged it for the 125cm version, which I wear across my body sling-style. Now I am very happy with my choice. The strap is very comfortable, and its natural stretchiness seems to reduce the weight of the camera. I have gotten accustomed to the cross-body style and now prefer it to carrying the camera on my shoulder or neck. Also, I have been surprised by the number of compliments that I have gotten on the beauty of the strap. This is from non-photographers who evidently are attuned to fashion. They pay no attention to the gorgeous camera that is attached to the strap.

  3. Agus M.

    great strap for SL

  4. Joselito L.

    Love the Rock and Roll strap for the Leica SL . The quality of the camera strap is superb !!! And it really adds to the looks and appealof the camera.

  5. Willi L.

    Very comfortable to use excellent product

  6. Charles F.

    Great. The Strap is strong and soft. Very comfortable around my neck

  7. Frank V.

    I just bought my second rock and roll strap. First gave it 4 stars because of a bit of a struggle threading it through itself but that’s what keeps it secure. Much easier threading using some needle tip players this time. This is the most comfortable and best strap I’ve ever used and I’ve tried many.

  8. kohama m.

    Excellent product! Very cool Very comfortable.

  9. Gary P.

    The strap is beautiful. It supports the Leica SL with 24-90 lens very comfortably. I bought the 125 cm (about 50″). It’s the perfect length around my neck. The length works well when I wear it cross-shoulder but I would like an option with another 4 to 6 inches, which would be more more comfortable cross-shoulder for me. As an experiment, I put PeakDesign Anchor Links on the end of the strap (perfect fit) so now I have an option that connects/disconnects easily to all of my other cameras with PeakDesign anchors. Works great so far, on the SL and other cameras.

  10. Beth D.

    Excellent! Everyone involved was great! I ordered another strap. Beautiful product!

  11. Pasu Snitwongse

    Nice strap cor Leica SL

  12. Henry Nata

    Strong and comfotable

  13. Edwin Lopez

    So far so good!

  14. Pisut Senatat

    Nice Strap Great design Look cool.

  15. Teerasak Chantarojsiri

    I love it. It’s smooth and feel comfortable while taking pictures.

  16. Supipat Koysiriphong

    Perfect for Leica SL.

  17. joanne puyat

    I highy recommend the SL Rock n Roll strap! Elvis is the best too!

  18. Arun Taneja

    So far very good.

  19. Lorenzo Formoso

    Very good! No prob

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