Snake Silver Grey, Rope Camera Strap

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Snake Silver Grey, Rope Camera Strap

Snake straps are made out of soft but durable Poly silk rope. Poly silk is 100% polyester, with microfibres to imitate the silk. The structure is very soft and shiny same as original silk making it a comfortable camera strap. The endings are made out of Italian leather.

Soft as a neck strap or you can also wrap it around your wrist and use it as a wrist strap.

Snake straps come in 9 colors, and two sizes (100cm and 125cm). Black, Red, Grey, Silver Grey , Asian blue, Turquoise, Safari, Black and White, Cadmium Red and Black. The width, of the Snake straps, is 10mm.

The width, of the Snake straps, is 10mm. All our straps come with 2 leather protectors.

Perfect for all cameras accepting split rings. Compatible with Leica M,  Leica Q,  Sony, Nikon, Fuji, Olympus, Panasonic and other mirrorless and DSLR cameras.

If you are using the strap on a Fuji pls mention on the note section of your order so we put the correct split rings.


Snake Silver Grey, Rope Camera Strap

Our clients are our best advertisement.”

“I have thoroughly enjoyed using my strap, it is flexible, soft, connects to the camera with strength and looks good.” Des McSweeney

“Excellent, secure, easy to put on…” Luc Mary-Rabine

“Really enjoying this strap. Perfect length for me and I’ve already received a bunch of compliments on it. Fits super well with my Leica.” Paul Jozefak

“The quality is amazing and its very comfortable” Mikael Lövgren

5 reviews for Snake Silver Grey, Rope Camera Strap

  1. Paul

    I purchased the snake silver grey rope camera strap with high hopes. I rated this one star owing to how uncomfortable it is to hold the M10 camera with this strap attached. The total thickness of the leather covered end is 15.875 mm (0.625″). There seems to have been a design change based on the product photos. Some images show the leather ends with a different design that is more flat than round. I made my purchase decision on the rope ends being more flat so I could comfortably hold the camera with the strap pressed between camera and hand. The actual product is not what I expected.

  2. Shin K. (verified owner)

    I bought this strap to match the color of my Leica M10 silver. It comes in a nice box with the store logo and clearly reflects its high quality/ luxury product. I immediately returned a similar, cheaper Amazon product. The Amazon rope strap was cheaper but you get what you pay for.

  3. Stefan

    I bought another similar product in the Leica Store Paris, but it is way to stiff and too big in diameter.

    Now, I use the Snake Sliver Grey and it is awesome – looks great, is very good to handle and is flexible enough to allow for handling the camera without limiting the movements. The rope used is perfectly balanced for the job – thanks!

  4. Rob (the other one)

    I recently bought the snake strap (125 cm/black) for my Leica Q. It seems just about perfect for that camera, which is on the light side–very comfortable, good length, looks great. I do not think that I would choose the snake for a heavier camera. For my SL, I use what used to be called the RocknRoll strap. I love it equally.

  5. Rob (verified owner)

    Awesome strap – perfect for the street. Great looking, comfortable, flexible and strong. No sneak thief will be cutting through this strap. I got the 20″ size which is the perfect length for me. I can wear it sling style as well for extra security. Dimitris does great work and is friendly and helpful if you need to contact him about anything. Highly recommended.

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