Snake Twins SL, Asian Blue Rope Strap

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Snake Twins SL, Rope Camera Strap

Many of our clients asked us to adapt our Snake straps so that they could use it on the Leica S which is quite heavy, specially when you use it with heavy L lenses.

We decided to make the Snake Twins SL strap, with two ropes so that the weight of your camera combo divides in two places. Made out of soft but durable Poly silk. Poly silk is 100% polyester, with microfibres to imitate the silk.

The structure is very soft and shiny same as original silk.

The endings are made from Italian leather and are hand stitched. Snake Twins SL straps are very durable, light, flexible and comfortable camera straps and a perfect match to your Leica SL and Leica S.


Snake Twins SL, Asian Blue, Rope Camera Strap

Our clients are our best advertisement.”

“I have thoroughly enjoyed using my strap, it is flexible, soft, connects to the camera with strength and looks good.” Des McSweeney

“Excellent, secure, easy to put on…” Luc Mary-Rabine

“Really enjoying this strap. Perfect length for me and I’ve already received a bunch of compliments on it. Fits super well with my Leica.” Paul Jozefak

“The quality is amazing and its very comfortable” Mikael Lövgren


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