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Soft Napa Leather Pouch

Soft Napa Leather Pouch

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103.00128.00 excl. VAT 19% for EU countries

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103.00128.00 excl. VAT 19% for EU countries


Soft Napa Camera pouch
A stylish leather pouch made from double face soft Napa leather, a superb option for carrying  a Leica M with a lens on.
A sleek leather wrap-around design with a long tie-strap closure. Provides easy and elegant protection for your camera against dust, unexpected showers and scratches!
Put it in your pocket, your every day bag or back pack and it will protect your camera in a very stylish way.
The Soft Napa Pouch is to be used without a lens shade on the lens (as shown in the pictures). It is meant to wrap around the camera as a glove. If you use a lens shade, it will most probably be to tight. If you want to use larger lenses with lens shade on then choose the large version.
You  can also protect your lenses with one of these soft pouches and put them in a bag without fear of scratches and dust.
It can be used with any mirrorless camera of similar  size with a Leica. Size: 19x16cm / 0,74×0,63in.

It comes in two colours, Black and Red

Weight 0.9 kg

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9 reviews for Soft Napa Leather Pouch

  1. Kevin Wu (verified owner)

    A solution to carrying a rangefinder-style camera in a larger bag without bulk or impeding access. Fits my Fujifilm X100V with lens cap or hood. The leather has an incredibly soft and luxurious feel; really the pictures don’t do it justice.

  2. Gary L. (verified owner)

    Thanks so much for the Leica camera pouch. It is beautiful, the leather is top notch, and it fits my M10 with a Summicron 50 perfectly. The workmanship is amazing and it’s exactly what I was hoping for. Shipping was remarkably fast to the US (4 days). Would highly recommend this to anyone.

  3. Eric

    Very cool. I’ve gotten a couple to keep my Leica lenses and camera in and they are really nice quality. Always get compliments on them.

  4. Andreas U. Schmid

    perfect fit for my Leica M – or my telelens.
    love it.


    Your leather pouch is the best one I’ve ever got. I am going to order the red one. Good Job!

  6. Roger P.

    This is a beautiful item perfectly suited the Leica M series.

  7. Paola R.

    it is soft and rather practical

  8. Kalothetos Stefanos

    A Comfort Pouch even for my camera or lenses!

  9. Daniel C.

    I love your product.

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