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Soft Napa Leather Pouch Large

Soft Napa Leather Pouch Large

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113.00138.00 excl. VAT 19% for EU countries

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113.00138.00 excl. VAT 19% for EU countries


Soft Napa Camera Pouch, Large

A stylish leather pouch made from double face soft Napa leather, a superb option for carrying  a Leica M with a lens on. 

A sleek leather wrap-around design with a long tie-strap closure. Provides easy and elegant protection for your camera against dust, unexpected showers and scratches!

Put it in your pocket, your every day bag or back pack and it will protect your camera in a very stylish way.

You  can also protect your lenses with one of these soft pouches and put them in a bag without fear of scratches and dust.

It can be used with any mirrorless camera of similar  size with a Leica.

It comes in two colours, Black and Red. Size: 23x17cm / 9,06×6,69in.

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11 reviews for Soft Napa Leather Pouch Large

  1. Ian (verified owner)

    Amazing soft, bought the large version in black, perfect for a Leica M with a 50mm, very impressed

  2. SAL RICCA (verified owner)

    Beautiful pouch for my Leica Q when I don’t need to carry more gear in a larger camera bag.

  3. Stephan Brunner (verified owner)

    I was looking for a neat pouch for my journal and some pens and decided on the red pouch. Works fine! An A5 notebook fits in it (a little tight though). The color stands out – I love it!

  4. Dennis B (verified owner)

    These are absolutely beautiful pouches. They are expertly made of buttery-soft leather and, obviously, they can serve other purposes like storing jewelry or watches in addition to cameras. The small pouch fits Fuji X100 series cameras “like a glove”. The large pouch holds comfortably a Leica M10 mounted with a Summilux 35mm f1.4 lens, lens hood, and lens cap. I am a “minimalist” when it comes to traveling. I carry a camera in my briefcase on a regular basis and, when traveling, I carry a camera in my hand-carry-on luggage. The pouches are perfect for these purposes. The pouches are virtually weightless. Because the leather is fully malleable, the camera pouches conform to the available space in your own bag, tote, handbag, carry-on, backpack, etc., without taking up significant extra space. Furthermore, the leather straps conform to whatever configuration the camera/lens take in the pouch. Wrapping or unwrapping the leather strap to access the camera takes maybe two seconds, certainly no more time than required to open/close any other conventional fasteners or zippers. Dennis B.

  5. Ashwin (verified owner)

    Fantastic pouch, made of the highest quality leather, that complements the M well. I am able to put a camera, with medium sized lens (such as the 28 lux, or smaller) comfortably in here with no issue. It’s a great option for those looking to take the camera and 1 lens on a trip….and to do so with style.

  6. Robert j armstrong (verified owner)

    The large pouch in red is so nice for my Leica campers. The Hendrix strap is also so nice. Please bring out so more colors so I can buy more! Jeff A.

  7. Andreas U. Schmid (verified owner)

    great for a variety of uses, like a big camera body (like Sony SLT A99) or a Leica M with lens, oder a single lens or maybe some odd gadgets (to prevent them from being lost in the camera-bag or elsewhere.
    the pouch is really “soft”. I like it.

  8. David S.

    It is OK but does not give the camera enough protection and is not easy to secure with the leather thong. I probably won’t use it for my Leica but for my Lumix point and shoot.

  9. Herve H.

    feel like a leica

  10. Joel H.

    Beautiful quality leather – excellent protection for the Leica SL camera and lenses. A great way to carry a camera in any bag.

  11. Kraivin S.

    Look very nice and great quality.

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