About us

I was lucky enough to grow up in Cairo, in a house full of interesting people.

One of my earliest memories was of my uncle Andrea holding a Leica M2 which kindled in me a childhood interest in photography, that endured throughout my life. He then gave it to me as a present on my 16th birthday.
That Leica M2 was the beginning of a long career as a photographer and then as a film director: 700 LP records and magazine covers, over 1000 television commercials, and many short films.

Having to do with cameras both by profession and affection, I always wanted to make a custom-made leather strap for my Leica Ms…

Another very early memory was observing my grandmother’s brother at work in his shoe repair shop, on the Cornish of Alexandria. He used to say
smilingly, whilst cutting leather meticulously:

Leather is alive, treat it with love…

Some of the tools from his shop I still cherish in my collection.

It was spring of 2015 when I went to a pet shop to buy a leash for my dog, Chelsea.

I liked the feeling of the waxed leather leash, bought a second one and went to a shoe repair shop that was opposite.
” Can you please cut it here and there …” I said to the old man sitting behind the bench, then I added two split rings and my first strap was made!
Even though, that first strap was kind of “primitive”, it did the job, had character and was very durable.
A friend asked me for a similar one, then another friend, then another….
And that΄s how ”Tie Her Up Straps”  was born!
…now the company is called  

”Rock n Roll Camera Straps and Bags”

”Rock n Roll Camera straps and Bags” products, are still handmade, still with premium quality Italian and Greek leather, still stitched by hand and always for camera lovers, are assembled by artisans of leather, ex-belt, and bag makers.
You wear them and time does the rest.
Today we have our own production facilities and resellers in several countries worldwide and our straps and bags are used by thousands of photographers.
We take pride in meeting photographers with their cameras hanging from our very own hand-crafted straps.

Our clients are our best advertisement.

Evris Papanikolas
Film Director / Photographer
General manager of Rock n Roll straps and Bags.