Snake Canon Black.

65.00 52.00 excl. VAT 19% for EU countries

Snake Canon Black.

65.00 52.00 excl. VAT 19% for EU countries

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Snake Canon Black, Rope strap

Snake straps are made out of soft but durable Poly silk rope. Poly silk is 100% polyester, with microfibres to imitate the silk. The structure is very soft and shiny same as original silk making it a comfortable camera strap. The endings are made out of Italian leather.

Soft as a neck strap or you can also wrap it around your wrist and use it as a wrist strap.

Many of our client asked for a Snake strap to use with their SL cameras.

Snake Canon Black, rope strap, is a strong and sturdy strap having our New SL2 ending.

The Snake Canon Black neck strap, comes in 2 sizes 100cm and 125cm or you can order a custom made length according to your needs.

As you can guess from the name they are perfect for Canon Cameras but they are also great on any other cameras with their triangle split rings on. Suitable for DSLRs like Nikon, Sony and mirrorless cameras like all Sony a7, Fuji X, Panasonic, Olympus etc.


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