Rock n Roll Limited Edition strap

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Compatibility: Fuji, Leica M, Nikon, Sony
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Rock n Roll leather neck straps, are inspired by guitar straps many Rock n Rollers used in the 60s and 70s.
A very comfortable strap to use, the signature product from Rock n Roll. The chain structure of these straps, works as a weight absorber making the camera combo feel much lighter.

Perfect for all cameras accepting split rings. Leica M,  Leica Q,  Sony, Nikon, Fuji, Olympus, Panasonic and other mirrorless and DSLR cameras.

Their width is 21mm/0.83in. Our handmade camera straps come with 2 leather protectors.

If you are using the strap on a Fuji pls mention on the note section of your order so we put the correct split rings.


  • Hand crafted camera strap made of high quality leather
  • The camera strap is made of waxed and oiled full grain leather of premium quality
  • Hand stitched with waxed saddle yarn
  • Strap attaches to camera with hardened 16mm steel rings
  • Strap length standard sizes are 100cm,/39,37in. and 125cm/49,21in. Width: 21mm/0.83in. If you need a custom length strap you can order it from the size menu. Usually, four to six days will be needed for our artisans to make the custom length strap.
  • Two leather protectors included

Our clients are our best advertisement.

The wide width supports the weight of heavy prime lenses extremely well, and its stylish weave adds elasticity. Made of premium soft leather, it is soft and cushioning around the neck. Super! Super product! Can’t recommend it enough!”  Avi G..

My camera seems to have less weight.Yannis M writes in his review:

“The rock n roll is perfect for a dslr as it works a bit like a suspension, not to mention the style which is unique and that intrigued me to get the strap.” Helmut H.

Jonathan P. says for the Rock n Roll SL which is, similar but with endings to fit the Leica SL Lugs: Most comfortable strap ever! Distributes the weight of a heavy camera for maximum comfort. Soft leather loops conform to neck and shoulder, don’t slip and don’t abrade. Always get compliments on the RnR strap. . . Now have one for each of my cameras!

“Gorgeous looking! Soft yet strong strap” Ying P.

“Well designed and comfortable to use. Supple enough to wrap it round your wrist if you want to steady or carry the camera that way. Beautiful to look at.”  Sheena J.

“I love these straps so much. GREAT! So comfortable to wear. I am going to replace all my camera straps…. KANGCHENG L.

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53 reviews for Rock n Roll Limited Edition strap

  1. Eoin

    I’ve bought three Rock & Roll LE straps for different setups over the years. The natural elasticity in the design really helps mitigate any sense of weight in a given camera/lens combination. Absolutely recommended, I wouldn’t be without mine.

  2. Kazuo Araki

    Great quality! Moderate elasticity reduces the weight and is easy.

  3. JamesM

    Beautifully made, practical, eye-catching, comfortable and gives my M10 an added boost of cool. Nuff said!

  4. Frank B.

    This strap was my first Rock n Roll purchase. The artisanship was obvious as soon as I opened the box. The strap is beautifully made, functional, comfortable, and fashionable. It’s the perfect companion to the M10.

  5. jetendra thapar

    Possibly the best strap I have ever bought for my M246 Monochrom. Leather is excellent and the workmanship cannot be faulted. Highly recommended if you want a classy looking strap for your pride and joy

  6. Jet Thapar

    Possibly the best quality strap I have bought for my M246 Monochrom. Great quality leather and looks really chic

  7. bigrye

    After seeing a few Rock ‘n Roll straps in person, I was excited to purchase this new red and black M10 Limited Edition to use with my Leica M7. I have been so pleased with the strap on all levels- build and materials are great, the look is very cool, and function is right on par as well. The shock absorption and “stretch” of the links make it very comfortable and move with you effortlessly. You can take it off you neck and wrap it around your wrist easily. Will be highly recommending this, thank you!

  8. Jurica Novak

    Impeccable craftsmanship and functionality. Super comfortable to wear, soft and resilient at the same time. Visually arresting, especially in the combination with a few red links.

  9. Won Kyung Seong

    Always, I have been using used this strap due to its soft, light, and comfort.

  10. Michael H

    Like many photographers, I’m always on the search for the a “better” camera strap (and camera bag). I had liked the looks of this strap and the overall positive reviews, so I went ahead and bought it. I’m very happy with the strap–both looks and comfort. It’s been sitting on a Hasselblad 907 and holds the weight and balance very well.

  11. David Taylor

    I have two Rock’n Roll straps, the M10 with the distinctive three red links and an all black leather SL2 one. My initial M10 strap was purchased based on the aesthetics of the strap; however, not only was it a thing of beauty but the strap is so comfortable to wear and the most important aspect is that my camera equipment is totally securely. I had no hesitation in buying my second Rock’n Roll strap and I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Rock’n Roll camera strips unreservedly

  12. drdcarlin

    I have used the Rock and Roll M10 limited strap with my M10 for a while. It’s a beautiful strap and very comfortable. Lately I have attached the strap to my Olympus M1 MKiii . The Olympus with some of the longer lenses can be quite heavy but the design of this strap gives it built in shock absorption and makes wearing it for many hours comfortable.
    I highly recommend it not only for Leica but for any camera out there.

  13. Jim M

    I’ve seen and heard about Rock n’ Rolls straps for years but this is the first time I’ve bought one and I’m impressed! From opening the simple but classy packaging to getting the first whiff of the leather to un-rolling it and feeling the strength but softness of the leather, what’s not to love!
    I have to say though that once I got it fitted onto my chrome M10 it lifted it to another level, the red flash goes perfectly with my red soft release and the infamous red-dot. Stick a chrome lens on and it’s pure camera p0rn!!
    Now that I have this I think I’ll have to go for another for my Mono.

  14. Mats Lundin

    This strap is both stylish and confortable. The red section makes a statement ”proud owner of a Leica M”. It also streches when wearing an M with for example a heavy Noctilux, giving the weight a nice relief. I also have the strap in brown giving the camera a more rough style in case I feel for it. I have the 125 cm lenght, good for cross the shoulder wear. However, I am a short guy and wish you also could offer 115 cm as standard. Now that lenght will cost me extra. 100 mm is too short Anyway, thank you for making good straps. / Mats Lundin Sweden

  15. William

    Just received my black Rock n Roll M strap. Very happy with the very high quality and make. Perfect for my Leica M 10 P. Delivery was also pretty prompt despite the covid situation.

  16. James B.

    Easily the most comfortable strap I’ve used! And beautiful too. A perfect accent to your Leica, Nikon, or other fine camera. Superb leather and craftsmanship. Get a longer, custom length if you prefer to sling your camera cross-shoulder. Planning to place a second order!

  17. Dennis B

    OK, so now you have a special camera (and Leica surely qualifies). Therefore, to complement the camera you need a special strap, not one of the machine-made, cookie-cutter offerings widely available elsewhere on the web. The Rock & Roll straps absolutely qualify as something very special. They are distinctive, carefully crafted at a personal level, and they distribute the camera’s weight comfortably. I was initially somewhat concerned about ordering at a long distance from a company that had no U.S. distributor. After several orders, I can say that this is a definite non-concern. The company is remarkably responsive and helpful. Orders ship immediately and arrive within a few days. Frankly, the orders are frequently delivered faster than one receives photo equipment from New York! You can’t go wrong here. I know. I now have several straps for Leica, Fuji, and Nikon cameras. Dennis B.

  18. Ian B.

    My wife gave me this strap for Christmas after after I had dropped some serious hints. The quality of the leather and the manufacturing is first class, and the comfort provided by the “springy” links is just perfect. A real plus for the M10, or any camera.

  19. Philip

    I bought the limited edition M10 strap for my M10-P. “P” for perfect when it comes to this strap. I like mine a bit on the long side and got mine at 135cm. Sits just right on my hip. Excellent quality and carries the weight of the camera and lens comfortably. As always, terrfic value and customer service from RocknRoll.

  20. Michael

    Yesterday i get my new Rock& Roll Strap M 10 limited. It´s really perfekt and looks super with my Leica Q P.

    Tahnk you very much


  21. tboysmage

    Hi There~

    I received the limited strap today!! It`s fantastic strap! I`ll throw Luige strap now.
    Thanks all.

    I think it has crazy thing.

    from S.Korea
    SungWon Hwang

  22. leeseunghwan

    I just receivecd my M10 Limited Edition strap yesterday and it’s my third RnR strap. It’s pretty, sturdy, and soft around my neck and shoulder. Get this–the strap is supposedly from Cyprus, and the strap was delivered to my door in South Korea only TWO DAYS after I placed the order. I don’t want to recommend RnR straps to anyone because I want to be the only one wearing them.

  23. Sang Raal

    Fast 2day delivery to the east coast USA. Gorgeous + Classy strap for my Leica 246 Monochrome, one thing that could be improved would be better split (heavier duty less malleable) rings, already fixed by me.

  24. Ashwin

    I was lucky to get the 001 strap, and it’s been fantastic for over a year, wearing well and maintaining its classy looks. I only recently switched it out to go for a different look, but I will admit that this is one of the nicest, classiest, most comfortable neck straps ever made

  25. Nikolai Loveikis

    The most comfortable strap I’ve ever had. Looking forward to seeing how it ages.

  26. Val

    The photos do not do justice to this strap. I knew this Rock N Roll weave was going to be good, but never expected it to be THAT good.
    It is exquisite, reasonably soft and slightly bouncy. It has a very subtle smell of quality leather.
    I use the 125cm version to wear the camera across the shoulder (bandolier-style), and it reaches 125cm when fully stretched.

    Get one until they run out, there’s only 501 of each size! And if they do… Get any other color, these straps are unbelievably well-made. They also come with 2 leather protectors to put over the camera’s eyelets (so that the attachment ring does not scratch the body).

  27. jarlath.jennings

    I ordered the Hendricks long black strap and the hand strap for the Leica SL. I had seen a review of the strap on SteveHuff and was impressed. Because the lugs on the SL are different to all other cameras this looked like a strap that was designd for the job. Well it is designed for the job and can hold a heavy camera well safely and comfortably.. It also has no metal parts or thingsthat can scratch the camera body and while this is a little bulky it also is good protection for the camera when its in a camera bag. The leather is really soft and the design provides a sort of suspension when you are wearing the camera. There are good instructions on how to fit the strap and a small pliers is invalualbe on quickly setting this up. Because of the treading system ( no hard velcro here!) the camera is safe.
    Because of the ergonomics of the Leica Sl it is possible to balance the camera on the tips of the 4 fingers of your right hand. However you need some protection in case you get a push or knock and I believe the Hendricks hand strap is ideal for this .It is threaded in the same way as the camera strap .
    If I had a complaint it is a very small one. You may change from the main strap to the hand strap but it takes a little time and a little pliers. However the safety of the camera is imperative so this is a small cost to pay. If you want a modular system then that is an alternative but a clunky and scratchy alternative. Im delighted with these items ( despite also having a modular system) and I am happy togive them a 5 star review
    Finally my items arrived very quickly ,from Nicosia in Cyprus to Dublin in Ireland in a day and a half! Impressive

  28. JK

    Bought this for my Leica Q in Silver. It is an amazing strap, my wife said I looked like Rambo. I couldn’t choose between this M10, Nevada or Komboli wrist strap so I got all 3. I’m so happy I did cause even though they’re not on the camera at the same time (that would be crazy though) it’s great being able to quickly swap them out for the occasion. The M10 is my favorite though, super comfortable when being worn and slides easily to capture the shot.

    One note, the strap itself is a little bulky as you can imagine. If you have a small camera bag, this may not fit. Just something to consider.

    I’m recommending this strap to all my friends, and while the prices aren’t cheap, you get far more than what you pay for here.

  29. Martin Hecht

    Since I’ve been taking photos since more that 50 years now it it was to imagine how many camera straps I tried so far.
    This my best by far. So pleasant to wear and the looks – so cool!
    If there were six stars I’d grant six

  30. DSHIN

    Durable, stylistic, and practical.
    I bought this strap for my M10, and I prefer this strap over others.

  31. stevemandhk

    I put a Special Edition M10 strap on my M6 and it’s really comfortable, good looking and seems like it will last as long as the camera (a long time).
    Great job on the design and craftmanship.

  32. Andreas U. Schmid

    great camera strap!
    looks good – comfortable to use – matching perfectly the camera – and quite unique (and besides that I’m afraid I will not buy a new camera strap anymore; it’s got the strength to hold for a lifetime 🙂 )
    glad I found a link somewhere to your products

  33. craigdarrellnorris

    Love the strap. Have both the regular and M10 strap and find them to be exceptional quality leather, very fine workmanship. Very comfortable to wear. Highly recommended.

  34. Michal J. (@Nietko)

    This is my second Rock n Roll strap. I really like this slim M10 version strap. It complements my film MP really well. As it has slim body as the M10. The strap is nice, soft and really well made.

  35. Andrew

    I have this strap on my black M10 and must say that it not only is gorgeous (best-looking strap I’ve ever seen), but comfortable. The design gives it some “bounce” that really seems to take a pound of more of weight off of my camera and lens. Since I use the Leica 50mm f/0.95 Noctilux ASPH as my primary lens, this has really saved me a lot of neck and shoulder pain.

    Great product.

  36. Steve L.

    Bought this strap for my Leica Q to replace the Snake strap that I had bought previously. It is a very high quality strap and it adds real character to the camera. I have even considered buying another for my EM1ii when funds allow. Overall I’d highly recommend the strap.

  37. Bernhard K.

    Ohne of the Perfekt M Straps !!

  38. pierre s.



    GREAT! So comfortable to wear. I am going to replace all my camera straps to TIE HER UP.

  40. Floyd R.

    Wonderful product wonderful service

  41. Bengt K.

    Since I´m quite tall the 125 cm M10 strap is perfect for me. The strap is also comfortable to use for many hours of walking around.

  42. Alexander E.

    Amazing product and great craftsmanship

  43. Jirayu S.

    Good quality leather. Very well hand craft strap.

  44. Don D.

    Perfect Length (125cm) and the flexible construction is super comfortable.

  45. Sheena J.

    Well designed and comfortable to use. Supple enough to wrap it round your wrist if you want to steady or carry the camera that way. Beautiful to look at.

  46. David S.

    For me -the best strap so far. Perfect and not only for the M10!

  47. Richard J.

    Awesome strap. Beautifully made. Highly recommended.

  48. Ying P.

    Gorgeous looking! Soft yet strong strap

  49. Tom M.

    Excellent. Feeling an use are great!

  50. Enrique L.

    Quality leather along with nice design.

  51. Tam C.

    Very comfortable and stylish

  52. Eric R.

    After buying a Rock’n Roll strap as a gift for my girlfriend and seeing how much she liked it, I put one on my A7r2 and I am a happy guy. Love the sense of suspension created by this strap as well as it’s “feel” and appearance.

  53. Roger W.

    Delivered as promised and gorgeous to behold. Can’t wait to get the M10 to put it into action!

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