The Hendrix SL2 Cigar Brown

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The Hendrix SL2 Cigar Brown, Leather Camera Strap

The Hendrix SL/S leather straps, are inspired by guitar straps many Rock n Rollers used in the 60s and 70s, very comfortable to use because the link structure of these straps, works as a weight absorber.

The Hendrix SL2/S leather neck strap is the perfect match for your Leica SL2 / SL or your Leica S.

They come in 2 sizes 100cm and 125cm or you can order a custom made length  according to your needs.


The Hendrix Cigar Brown SL2 Strap for Leica SL and Leica S

Our clients are our best advertisement.

“Very comfortable to use, supple enough to wrap around your wrist, beautiful on your camera and very stylish.” – John K

“This is a great strap, perfect for a heavier camera and lens, spreading and cushioning the weight for all-day use, equally at home on the shoulder or around the neck. It’s a beautifully elegant design too.” – Justin

1 review for The Hendrix SL2 Cigar Brown

  1. Charl (verified owner)

    I bought quite a few Rock&Roll camera straps for my Leica S and SL camera during the last few years. These straps are not only beautiful but has the advantage that it contains no metal or plastic parts that will scratch your camera or just get in your way when using the camera. In total a pleasure to use and exceptional in a world where everything is made out of plastic.
    I stay in South Africa and shipping was a bit of a problem. The customer service of Rock&Roll was excellent in sorting out the problems. Probably the best customer service I ever came across. THANK YOU.

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