Komboloi Black wrist strap

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Komboloi wrist straps are made from climbing rope and leather endings.

Inspired by the traditional Greek worry beads. They belong to the same family as Snake camera straps and you can make very nice sets.

Komboloi straps are soft but strong at the same time. They adjust  to your wrist.

Here are some of the things our clients write in their reviews:

“Perfect and super well made. Could not be better.” Langhorne R.

“I love it, great and beautiful strap.” Ellen B.

“It is well crafted and feels sturdy, and gives me confidence in carrying my Leica with it.” Dave S.

“Excellent design, well made. The wrist strap is very comfortable and obviously also very durable.”  Bart Van Hofwegen

“Great strap. The Komboloi is good looking, comfortable to wear around the wrist and the loop is easily adjusted. I have two of these and use them on compacts and range finders.” Carl Bretteville

“These straps are by far the nicest I’ve owned. The shorter neck strap was the perfect length. It’s comfortable all day and looks like a work of art.” Chris Horner

Komboloi Straps come in 6 colors and are ideal for a Leica M, Leica Q, Sony A7 , Fujis, Olympus and other  mirror less cameras and  DSLRs.

All our straps come, with leather protectors, in a linen pouch.

If you are using the strap on a Fuji pls write it on the on the note section of your order so we put the correct split rings.

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17 reviews for Komboloi Black wrist strap

  1. Arne.Z.

    I could not be more happy for my new snake strap, awesome quality!

  2. Charis J.

    This strap keep the camera safe and looks very cool. Fits perfectly on my mft camera. Big thanks!


    I use it for my Canon 5D Mark II. Excellent design and great quality .

  4. Luigi G.

    Un ottimo prodotto.Perfetto per la mia Leica

  5. David H.

    Strap is just what I needed. Great quality.

  6. Craig C.

    Excellent I’ll be ordering again in the next two weeks.

  7. Jason S.

    I took the new Fuji X100F and my new Komboloi wrist strap on the road this weekend to test it out. It was super comfortable to walk around with and very sturdy. I will be recommending you to others and ordering more straps in the future. The packaging that houses the strap is also top notch quality.

  8. Jan L.

    With a heavy DSLR I prefer the wrist strap to keep the camera safe. The “tie her up” camera straps combine safety, usability, great craftsmanship and elegance.

  9. Jan K.

    The strap is very comfortable to use and matches the style of my rangefinder camera.

  10. Christian d.

    Soft and good size. Delivery time very acceptable.

  11. Langhorne R.

    Could not be better

  12. Mark M.

    Great customer care. Product is great

  13. Andrew Flannigan

    Great strap – looks really good and very functional on my Fuji x100

  14. Ted Viola

    The strap is perfect on my Leica Q.

  15. Iain R Walker

    Excellant strap which I use on a Fuji X100T. My only problem is the metal ring is too thick is use directly on the camera. I have to use the existing Camera Ring as well which is not quite what I expected.

  16. Chris Horner

    These straps are by far the nicest I’ve owned. The shorter neck strap was the perfect length. It’s comfortable all day and looks like a work of art. Thanks!!

  17. Andreas Leontaritis

    An excellent match for my Nikon.Makes it even more practical and easy to use.Thanks

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